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Arts, mathematics, fine motor skills, visual discrimination, Tornikotor Ikebana addresses multiple areas through play.


From discovery to the realization of logical sequences, a step-by-step course is proposed in order to optimize the transversal uses of Tornikotor Ikebana for 4 players from 5 years old.


Create the flower:

Tear resistant, the flower is built according to the instructions using (or not) the repositionable adhesive dots, thus guaranteeing a beautiful result.


Create a custom flower:

Models to be photocopied and then cut out allow you to color the petals of the flower.


Follow instructions:

Level 1:

A flower with three stem colors and one petal color is to be built according to the models.


Level 2:

Hidden by the herbs, the colors of the stems and petals must be identified to build the flower.

The solution is on the back of the card.


Level 3:

The flowers are constructed following the color instructions given for the stems and petals.


Level 4:

A double-entry table contains the instructions for building the flowers.

The solution is on the back.


Level 5:

Build a logical sequence of flowers following the instructions given.


Level 6:

Complete the logical sequence of flowers.

The solution is on the back of the card.



Tornikotor Ikebana is made up of 140 pieces, including 120 bars of different sizes and colors compatible and complementary to the Tornikotor range (Basic, Multicolor, Supernature, Starter, ...)



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Tornikotor Ikebana

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