Made of multipositionable magnetic tiles and also wheels, TIL'ART PRIMITIVE attracts the player by its naive graphic representations on the front and his coloured motifs on the back side. Can be used in water (except tiles with wheels).


Tools provided:

Playing cards with 2D and 3D models
Instructions leaflet.



First with 2D models flat on the table or on the floor, the player realizes simple models.

3D models are quickly built, first simple models with just a few pieces then more complex models developing many indispensable and useful skills for the whole life.


Description of activities:

Reproduce figures by matching a pattern. Know the colors. Recognize the graphics and motifs.



Recognition of graphic shapes and colors - reproducing figures by assembling graphic shapes from a 2D and 3D model - spatial orientation - notions of art - Creativity - Fantasy.


Description of the game:

6 different naive graphic representations on the front and 6 different coloured motifs on the back are printed on multipositionable square magnetic tiles.

5 different coloured motifs are printed on magnetic triangular tiles.

The pieces are assembled laterally.

4 square tiles with 4 magnets on the front side have wheels.



60 mutlipositionable magnetic square tiles in 2 x 6 different impressions.

30 triangular multipositionable magnetic tiles in 5 different impressions.

4 square tiles with four magnets and 2 wheels.

1 operating instructions

6 tear-proof printed cards with modes on both sides.

Carton box.

Til'art primitive

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  • Starting 18 th month:
    Free play.

    Starting 2 years
    The players play first on the table or on the floor and then vertical by stacking the cubes in the right position to match the patterns.

    Starting 3 years:
    Then as building blocks to make complex models.

    Description of activities:
    To match a pattern. To identify colors. To recognize pictures and graphics.