Educational benefits :
Fine motor skills - Hand-eye coordination - Discovery of the world.

Presentation :

From 4 years old, PASTA PARTY helps develop concentration, fine motor skills, socialization and patience.A set consists of a pot and noodles in 4 colors (green, pink, yellow, red).

The game consists of passing the sticky noodles from the pot to the plates using the chopsticks, without putting them aside and without taking the noodles directly with your fingers.

Made in Japan especially for children, the bamboo sticks are perfectly suitable for children from 4 years old.

Lightweight, with a diameter that adapts perfectly to small hands, these sticks are the ideal tool to start well not only to use sticks correctly but to learn how to properly position these fingers.Ribs on the tapered end of the rods facilitate gripping by limiting slippage.

The position of the fingers on the sticks is close to that of the position of the fingers on the pencil: the child learns to naturally position his fingers correctly while playing.

The child remains free at any time to change the positioning of the fingers and is not forced to put his fingers in rings as on other products.

Learning the correct positioning of the fingers remains free, favoring a fluid and natural gesture.

The "noodles" are adhesive on both sides, permanently repositionable and washable.

This characteristic makes it easier both to grip with the chopsticks and to make the task more complex when the rule is to take only one noodle.

On the front, a detailed description of the position of the fingers for left or right handed:

On the back, a simple wand handling game to develop fine motor skills.

This product is part of the range "Everyone can cook"


Download the free booklet "to iwarete iru", it is said that ...

How does it come?

One set consists of:
- 8 adhesive strips on both sides, permanently repositionable, washable 200 x 5 mm x 3 mm (+ or -1 mm) representing noodles: red (2 - tomato), pink (2 - salmon), green (2 - spinach), yellow (2 saffron).
- 2 plates.
- 1 color pot (color may vary).
- 2 pairs of bamboo stick for children from 3 to 5 years old.
- An instruction manual.


Packing :

Carton box

Pasta Party

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