Match & Stack for genius toddler: Soft and indestructible colored cylinders and circles to develop fine motor skills and brain


Educational benefit :
Fine motorskills - Notions of size and colors - Eye-hand coordination - Balance - Concentration - Creativity - Fantasy


Description :
This set dedicated to children starting 2 years is a very funny way to start learning by playing. 


The player has to match the different patterns.


Step by step, more difficult patterns have to be matched.


Different balance activties are also possible.


Composition :
1 set is made of 1 small pink circle, 1 middle pink circle, 1 big pink circle and 3 pink cylinders, 1 small orange circle, 1 middle orange circle, 1 big orange circle and 3 orange cylinders, 1 small purple circle, 1 middle purple circle, 1 big purple circle and 3 purple cylinders which are 24 pieces.

The set includes also 4 laminated pattern cards A4 size scale 1 and 4 small laminated pattern cards A6 size printed both sides. 1 instruction leaflet.


Diameter for the small circle : 58 mm -2.28 inches. Thickness : 5 mm - 0.19 inch.
Diameter for the medim circle : 78 mm - 2.75 inches. Thickness : 5 mm - 0.19 inch.
Diameter for the large circle : 98 mm - 3.85 inches. Thickness : 5 mm - 0.19 inch.
Diameter for the cylinder : 38 mm - 1.49 inches. Heigth : 34 mm - 1.33 inches



Plastic tray


Ekilibritor Baby

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  • Children match patterns scale 1 by selecting the pieces with the right sizes and colors.


    Small pattern cards are then available: With the black and white playing board scale 1, the player will learn quickly and easily notions of size.

    It is aldo possible to copy the pattern scale 1 (in black and white) and ask to the player to color and customize it.

    Naturally, the player will stack the pieces and learn notions of balance.