When and where to meet in 2022 ?

Updated: Oct 24

In addition to the permanent presence of your colemoi on line shop in Hong Kong and presence to different virtual shows, you will also be able to touch, manipulate and evaluate Colemoi collections during different educational shows in 2022.

Sanitary mesures, appropriate medical supports and vaccine will help us to reduce the risk of contamination.

Ask for your personal presentation:

On site:

Ask for a meeting starting 10th October 2022 to colemoi@colemoi.com.hk to let you manipulate, evaluate, ... the Colemoi collections by yourself.

On line:

Ask for an on line meeting to colemoi@colemoi.com.hk

Visit us during educational fair:

What? Learning & Teaching Expo

When? 7th till 9th December 2022

Where? Convention and Exhibition Center

Booth C34

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