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Join us during LTE EXPO

Updated: Feb 16

Join us during Learning & Teaching Exhibition in Hong Kong from 7th till 9 December 2022 !


For everybody:

✅More than 100 exhibitors under the same roof specialized in education !

With more than 100 exhibitors under the same roof specialized in education, this is the insurance to be sure you will find innovative and amazing teaching ressources, solutions to your day to day teaching problems whatever the level or the age of pupils.

AND at booth 34, COLEMOI Hong kong is introducing its range of educational and special needs toys. 🥳

For foreigners:

✅No more quarantine ! The Hong Kong SAR Government announced a further relaxation of quarantine measures for inbound travellers with effect from 26 Sep 2022. Under the “0+3” scheme, inbound travellers no longer need to do the pre-flight PCR test and quarantine in a designated hotel. Travellers with an amber code during the three days of medical surveillance can also participate in B2B events. 😷




38 independent



funny lessons,

scheduled also to make children

with AND without

visual impairment

play together !

This booklet offers 38 independent lessons from one another allowing the use of GEOCUBEs in a school, rehabilitation or family setting.Classified by level of difficulty of 1, 2 or 3 characters, the fun activities are aimed at children from 4 to 6 years old.

They are ideal to offer during free time, as a warm-up or in session, in class, in rehabilitation or at home.

Each of them aims to acquire academic and rehabilitation skills.

Goals for schools:

Rehabitilation goals:

The use of sides with high contrast (black / white or red / black) between the background and the pattern allows visually impaired children to perform the activities without difficulty. This booklet, printed in colors, accompanies and completes the GEOCUBE game.

GEOCUBE is a patended design in Europe and in Hong Kong.

European Community : EUIPO - 006405577-0001

SAR Hong Kong: DRIPD Hong Kong - 1913671.8




Does it sounds familiar to you ?

Stereognosis, or tactile gnosis, is recognizing and identifying the characteristics of an object only by soliciting touch (tactile perceptions) as well as the position, weight,... (proprioceptive information) of an object.

What's the point ?

Each of us, on a daily basis, often mechanically uses our ability to use or recognize objects without seeing them.

It is the handle of the fork that we take without looking at it, the keys that we seek in the pocket, ...

Tactile discrimination, motor control, etc. are thus developed and allow ease in everyday life and the ability to then perform more complex actions.

Early detection of difficulties in these areas will then allow a specialist to provide appropriate interventions.

The mystery bag is one of the tools for developing stereognosis.

The mystery bag is a black bag in fabric with two sleeves and closed by a zipper.

In the shape of a T-shirt but closed in its widest part by a zipper and sewn for the shortest part, the mystery bag has two sleeves in which the hands are introduced.

Having previously entered the widest part of a GOSTOP board (with an adhesive pad) and, for example, the pieces of a tangram, the player must recognize the pieces by touch and make a model on this board without seeing pieces.

The adhesive pad on which the player positions the pieces avoids an untimely movement of the pieces, which allows the realization to be removed from the mystery bag without the pieces moving.

Join us at booth C34 to play with the mystery bag !



Bath toys


into table game

From two years old, and in summer, Splash Basic (L'atelier) is a water game with 4 different subjects, soaking up water, dripping easily and unsinkable.

The material used allows easy draining and quick drying.

Water drips easily, entertaining little ones and making it easy to drain and dry.

The 4 subjects are unsinkable.

Blue fish, green turtle, yellow starfish and red crab make up SPLASH BASIC.

Splash is also a table game, with game cards allowing to make sequences, topology games, (left, right, before, after, top, bottom, above, below, ...), decoding games , ....

Designed to be used by children of different ages, therefore adapting perfectly for multi-level classes or for rotations of the game in different classes of the same school, and to provide educational activities based on a game of children. water to optimize the investment made, SPLASH is enriched by the practices observed in order to make them available to as many people as possible.

In addition to the models provided with the game, this guide contains additional cards in the appendix as well as support for effectively using the 3000 models available via the play area which can be used online but also be downloaded or copied via physical support.

Awarded in 2015 in the United Kingdom and in the USA, the updated version is coming with a new teaching guide.


To dress and undress

wihout stress

Worldwide, no similar item exists to manage and low stress of the player as well as introducing dressing skills.

A zipper, 3 snaps, 3 buttons with each a primary color to identify the right buttons holes, a smiley (or a star or a pink heart) on a velcro with a ribon sewed on the apron and that can be put in the pocket, a hook on the short (or the rock) are the different layers of the activity apron.

A blue and a red ribbon are scheduled to learn how to make a node.On the table first, the player will dress and undress the different layers.

To reverse the apron will let the player makes the same gestures than when wearing it.

In case of difficulties, the apron is put off and the play may continue on the table in order to limit the frustration (anger, failure, discouragement, ...).

The Juliet activity apron has the particularity of a right buttoning on the left, called "feminine buttoning" whose origin dates back around the 17th century.

Roméo & Juliet activity apron won a Teachers' Choice Awards (USA).



Outdoor and indoor activities

Increase safety when going outside

The walkliner is a main ribbon with two velcro straps at each end and 3 perpendicular brwon ribbons, each with a velcro strap at its end, to make a row of 6 children and one or two adults.

The main ribbon has a velcro strap on each end to make a handle, which is easier to carry for the teacher.

Each brown ribbon is provided at its end with a Velcro strap for performing a loop. This loop can be held by the child as a handle or wrapped around the wrist of the child.

It is possible to assemble two walkliners (or more) using the main ribbon. -o-o-o-


➡️Offer your friends a 100 HKD discount voucher ! 🤑

Invite your friends to visit Colemoi booth C34 and reward them with a 100 HKD discount voucher !

1) Sign up to the program

2) You will receive a dedicated 100 HKD (one hundred Hong Kong dollar) discount voucher code your friends can use at online shop they can use as soon as they make an order of at least 200 HKD

3) You will be credited with 10 points for each order received with your voucher code.

➡️Turn your shopping into an additional financial and educational value 🤑

1) Sign up to the program

2) Give an order during the show and get 1 point for 1 HKD spent, including for the dscounted products bought at the booth C34 during th show ! (Limited quantity)

✅Get 10% discount for 100 points

✅ Enjoy free access to paid educational ressources

➡️Get loyalty reward points by visiting Colemoi booth C34 🤑

Visit COLEMOI booth C34 during Learning & Teaching Exhibition from 7th till 9th December and get 10 points !

How to get your points ?

1) Sign up to the program

2) Visit COLEMOI booth C34 during Learning & Teaching Expo in Hong Kong and make a selfie with the stand in the back ground,

Send the picture to to have your 10 points credited on your account.

3) Share it on social network (Weibo, Facebook, ...) and get 10 additional points !


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