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  • How do I place an order?
    By your COLEMOI on-line shop in the SAR Hong Kong. If you are the payer, please use direct your on-line shop and select the product(s) you are interested in. Step by step Instructions will be given to you once your selection will be fnished. ​ If you need assistance, please contact ​ if you are not the payer, please ask for a proforma invoice ​ By e-mail: Send your order by e-mail to or by mail to: A proforma invoice will be sent within 2 business days with Colemoi bank details to let you make bank transfer.
  • I want to pay Cash.
    It is not possbile except during the exhibitions. Visit Colemoi blog page to know the location and date of exhibitions.
  • Secure Ordering & Payment Options
    See payment methods ​
  • I want to pay with my local currency
    If you want to pay with your local currency, please send e-mail to
  • Do you have a place in the SAR Hong Kong where I can pick-up the product?
    No. It is not possible.
  • Macau and Mainland China
    Please contact
  • What about shipping cost?
    There is no shipping cost. Delivery is free in Hong Kong
  • I worry about possible broken or lost pieces.
    Colemoi's range has a warranty of 5 years. In case of broken or lost pieces, please send e-mail After-sales service is free (no shipment cost - no spare-part cost). ​ Even if I'm not in the SAR Hong Kong? Yes.
  • Returns & Refunds
    Satisfied or refunded : If, despite our efforts, you are not fully satisfied with an item, simply send an e-mail within maximum 30 days after your purchase: - Please notify COLEMOI via email - Wait for our agreement (within 48 hours) - Return the goods within 8 days and goods will be exchanged or refunded. In this case, return freight costs are paid by the customer. Goods are intact in its original condition. ​
  • Declaration of withdrawal
    The customer has the right to exercise his right of withdrawal within thirty days of the date of receipt of the items.
  • I want a paper catalogue and a paper price-list.
    Colemoi collections are available on line by "Library". Send email to to get printed documents.
  • Where are the teaching guides?
    The teaching guides are by libary page.
  • Where is the on-line playing corner?
    The on-line playing corner is at
  • Privacy policy
    See privacy page
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